pictures and emotions belong together.
pictures are inspired and taken by sudden emotions.
pictures arouse emotions.
whatever the topic is ....
"you feel what you see, you see what you feel".
whether you have a personal relation to the picture or not.

"true pictures" as they are produced through the view of the lens of a camera, they carry over the past of the moment, they tell a story.
metamorphosed-transformed-modified pictures by the "rational" means of computer software or painting or the forces of nature, mystified, alienated, distorted also evoke emotions, phantasies, visions.

emotions .... (see plutchik's wheel of emotions) ....
joy - sadness - acceptance - disgust - fear - surprise - love - lust - anger - disgust - optimism - awe - happiness - wondering - hope - despair - desire - confusion - ecstasy - admiration - boredom ....

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